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Fire Resistant

Non-combustible & fire resistant up to 1600 °C. Can withstand up to 6 hours of direct exposure. Safe from fire.

Seismic Resistant

Lightweight aero BLOCK reduce mass of a structure, thus decreasing the impact of an earthquake on a building Non-combustible nature provides an advantage against fires

Acoustic Performance

Superior sound absorption qualities due to porous structure of aero BLOCK. Offers sound attenuation of about 42 dB, blocking out all major sounds and disturbances.

Thermally Insulated & Energy Efficient

Tiny air pores and thermal mass of blocks provide excellent thermal insulation, reducing heating and air conditioning costs of a building.

Termite/Pest Resistant

Due to structure of blocks, aero BLOCK cannot be damaged or infected by termites and pests.


aero BLOCK is available in exact sizes. Results in smooth walls with perfect contact between different elements.

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  • Mason Training of AAC Blocks

    We are providing professional mason training for aac blocks in west bengal & siliguri. contact with our service team.

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    Our vision is to bring our customers into 21st Century, through innovation and modern technology and leave a sustainable world for the future generations.

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  • Fire Resistant
  • Seismic Resistant
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Thermally Insulated & Energy Efficient
  • Termite/Pest Resistant
  • Precision

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We are prime manufacturer of AAC blocks & Adhesives

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Grade A

AAC consist 80% air by volume, making it lightest available walling material (Weight 1/3rd that of clay bricks).Formed as a result of reaction of Aluminum on a proportionate blend of lime, cement & Flyash, the hydrogen gas that escapes creates millions of tiny air cells giving it a strong Honeycomblike structure.

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Aero Bond Block Joining Motar

Aero Bond Block Joining Motar

Aero-Bond Block Jointin Motar Corporation is a 4800 square foot manufacturing facility that manufactures aerospace hardware that is utilized in GE- thrust reversers. Aero-bond corporation specializes in composite (Fiberglass, graphite and Kevlar) and metal bonding utilizing 250°and 350°adhesive curing systems.

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We conduct on-site survey to determine the amount of construction material. This aids in not only quantity assessment but also cost savings. Moreover, such surveys help in
estimating the time of completion of
the project too.

Cost Component Saving in Component Estimated Impact on Project Cost Explanation
Mortar material 66% 2% aeroBLOCK are 8 Times the size of Conventional bricks, resulting in 1/3rd the number of Joints. Thus, an overall mortar saving up to 66%.
Plastering material 55% 4% Exceptional dimensional accuracy & smooth surfaces, eliminates need of plaster walls and allows for a final 2-3mm skin coat (Putty/gypsum plaster).
Wastage 10% 0.5% Breakage in bricks might be as high as 10% which in case of AAC blocks is less than 2%.
Structural material (Steel & Concrete) 18% 10% Being light weight, AAC blocks drastically reduce the dead weight of the building. This translate to Design of lighter structure leading to reduction in steel and concrete up to 20%)
Increase in Floor space area 2% 4% Due to Exceptional thermal insulation & weather barrier properties, its possible to use thinner blocks, which result increase of carpet area.
Savings in Capex for HVAC system 30% 0.3% aeroBLOCK AAC blocks have excellent insulation properties, which results in saving in capex and opex of HVAC systems.
Savings in labour cost 20% 4.5% aeroBLOCK AAC Blocks are larger in size thus, Saves in carriage cost. Use of AeroBOND Block Jointing Mortar reduces material premixing labour cost.
Total Impact on Project cost 25.3% 8- Thus, overall saving in the construction cost is approximately 20%
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